How many grams will be the finished sweater?

You will knit a sweater using several yarns held together. Do you want to know how many grams will be the finished sweater? It is easy to calculate.

There is a form on the bottom of this blog, where you can write length (meters) and unit weight (grams) of your yarns, required yarn length for your sweater pattern. The form can calculate how many grams will be your finished sweater:)

For example, you will use 3 different yarns held together for your new sweater project.

There are your yarns: Sport weight wool yarn + lace weight alpaca yarn + lace weight silk mohair

Calculate the weight per meter of each yarn as follows:


The sum of those numbers are “the weight per meter” of your yarns held together.

Check your pattern haw many meters will you need for your size. For example, S size of White Mountains needs 680 meters.

Now you can calculate your sweater weight as follows:

“the weight per meter” x “required yarn length for your sweater” =  your sweater weight

S size of White Mountains will be about 341g.


Here is the form to calculate the weight of your own sweaters. I hope it will be helpful for you:)

You need meters to knit a new sweater for your size.

You will use those yarns held together:

Yarn A meters / g

Yarn B meters / g

Yarn C meters / g

Yarn D meters / g

Yarn E meters / g

Yarn F meters / g

Yarn G meters / g

The finished sweater will be about 0g